The Connections Of Formula 1

A visual representation of Formula 1 drivers and their racing teams from 2000-2021

Radially arranged gray nodes represent a country. Each small white node represent a driver. Lines extend out of these nodes, representing a connection to a country or team(s)

Each red node represents a racing team, sized by the total number of drivers who have raced for the team from 2000-2021. Over the years, teams may get bought over and renamed, or simply rebranded based on a title sponsor change. They end up with a rich history of transactions, such as Racing Point (now rebranded as Aston Martin), whose origins lie in Jordan Grand Prix, then Midland F1, Spyker F1 to Force India.

I have left teams as separate nodes if I felt they had distinctive identites over a decade, such as Jordan, Force India and Racing Point, or Jaguar and Red Bull Racing. After Stewart Grand Prix was bought by Ford, it was renamed to Jaguar Racing in 1999. In 2004 Jaguar Racing was sold to Red Bull GmbH, rebranded to Red Bull Racing in 2005.

Hover over a team or driver node to see their individual connections. Click anywhere to make the labels of team and country nodes visible.